Favorites of 2011 and Lots of Love!!!

Hello lovelies,
Can you believe its only a few hours before 2011 leaves us forever? I know you haven’t heard that all day! While ya’ll will be celebrating I’ll be at work, trying to keep people from getting killed. Its going to be a long night for sure. But I wanted to share some last minute things with you here. So here are my farewells and favorite picks just for you!
   First of all, I wanted to thank you all for following and reading my blog. Sometimes I wonder why I bother and then I’ll get a nice comment, or a mention and that makes my day brighter. YOU make my day brighter! I never even imagined that I would be sharing my writing with the world but here I am. So thank you for all your support!
   Second of all, I tried picking a few of my favorite reads this year but it was very hard to just narrow it all down. Yet, here is what we have (in no particular order)! 

Well, that is all lovelies!! Enjoy your festivities!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

See ya next year,

3 thoughts on “Favorites of 2011 and Lots of Love!!!

  1. Yay! what a wonderful list! I'm adding them to my TBR for sure! Hugs and Happy New Year!



  2. I am reading these books for sure 🙂 Adding them to my TBR.

    Also, I went on amazon and read the synapsis for your book. It sounds so interesting. I am ordering it 🙂

    I hope you have a wonderful new year! 🙂


  3. Great list! I loved Darkness Becomes Her and I LOVED Delirium!


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