Alex for the Win!!!!

Name: Alexandra Andros
Status: In love, Annoyed, Confused
Mode: Team KillEveryFreakingDaemonISee
Kills in Half-Blood: 4
Kills in Pure: You don’t want to know
“Was your mom a gardener?” I asked innocently. 
“What?” Ren’s mouth hung open slightly. 
“Because a face like yours belongs planted on the ground.”
Ladies and gentlemen, Alexandra Andros. That’s right, the heroine of the Covenant Series is here for the win. Tough, impulsive, and desperately fighting for the ones she loves, this girl is everything a heroine should be. 
“Then I should be relieved to know what I was told an hour ago is false. It wasn’t you who yanked a girl–by her hair–out of chair in the common lounge area.” 
If a guy as sizzling as Aiden can say something like that and make it sound like a compliment you know you have someone special on your hands. There is nothing delicate or pretty about this one. She’s full of scars and determination. But that in itself is the most beautiful thing in the world. She has something that most people don’t. She has a heart. The decisions she makes and the battles she fights are all evidence of the beauty thats within. The most amazing thing about her is that she’s real. She’s the girl that lives inside all of us, so help her win not just for her (or Jen) but for yourself. 
Now for the fun stuff! Momo at Books Over Boys is having a huge giveaway! 
She will be giving away a copy of Daimon, Half-Blood, and a pre-order of Pure in honor of the Heroine Tourney and in honor of being Alex’s advocate.
Also, the fabulous Jennifer L. Armentrout (yes, the genius behind all that is Alex) will post chapter 16 from Aiden’s pov if Alex is victorious in this round.
So, go to YA Sisterhood – – and vote for Alex! And that’s not all. From the lips of Jennifer herself:
500 Votes: If Alex reaches 500 votes, I will give you a juicy scene from Pure. It involves a pool, but will be edited to avoid spoilers. 
750 Votes: If Alex gets 750 votes, I will give you Chapter 16 from Half-Blood in Aiden’s POV. Yes, that chapter. 
1000 Votes: If Alex get 1000 votes, I will give you Chapter 26 from Obsidian in Daemon’s POV. 
Yes, that chapter.
Winning votes: If Alex wins against Rose, I will write a very lengthy scene/ basically a freaking novella from Aiden’s POV about a trip he and Leon took that involved searching down a certain daimon that got away at the end of Half-Blood. Now. If she wins, all of this will take me some time, of course.
Now, if any of you are still here reading this, what is wrong with you? Head over to YA Sisterhood and vote for Alex! This is one way we can thank Jennifer for creating such a fabulous character!
Much love, 

1 thought on “Alex for the Win!!!!

  1. YAYAYAY! Thanks for the post! 🙂 And for supporting Alex!

    Alex for the win!


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