17 thoughts on “In My Mailbox #20: The Friday Edition

  1. You have such a soothing voice. I know I know that is mad weird to say ha ha, but seriously GOOD VLOG!!

    Also Wither is FANTASTIC, the writing style is gorgeous.

    AHHH and Beautiful Creatures, just wait until you meet Ethan and Lena and Lincoln and Macon and the gang. That book is totally fabulous.

    Happy reading 😀


  2. Oooh, Wither is on my wishlist as well. As is Forgive my Fins.

    Beautiful Creatures is FABULOUS! I actually chose Beautiful Chaos as my Book of thr Month. I'm SO excited for it!

    Great IMM. I love your vlog! FORSURE a new follower over here.


  3. Yay I'm glad you got Wither and that it came in what looks like great condition.

    I have an arc of the second book to Forgive My Fins but I haven't picked up the first book yet! I'm glad to hear it was so amazing and I need to read Beautiful Creatures as well it has been on my shelf forever.


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