Edit, Query, A Cute Kitty, & a Free Book!

Yes, that title covers it all 🙂
Greetings! I am coming out of my little writing cave to talk about writing. I mean seriously, did you expect anything else?
So in the past twelve days I have been hard at work at editing my current WIP. You’d think after spending all of that time on writing the story, editing would be a piece of cake. (mmm, cake) But if you think that, and many do, you are wrong. In some ways I think editing is a bit tougher than first draft. I’ve hear it said, “Come on, you already written the book and its awesome, why change anything?” But once you start reading your own writing, that awesomeness pretty much disappears. My thoughts rage anywhere from, “I’m a lousy writer,” to “I hate this whole stupid book, you’re going in the trash!” Then, I take a deep breath, throw myself a random dance party, and get back to work. 
Editing is also tough because you want to be working on other ideas that kept popping up in your head during the first draft. I have outlined quite a few stories and been waiting to see if any of them pan out. But of course, MUST. EDIT. It is a long process. Before I can start querying, my draft has to be PERFECT! (I’m sorry to shout, but its that important!) And of course, that perfection angle sets me in another fit of “Why do I even write?” Basically, editing involves a lot of pushing and panicking. 
Then comes the querying. I am not a good query letter writer. But I will get better, and I will get better because I was recommended this awesome book “From the Query to the Call” by Elana Johnson. I love it! It has all the information I need, plus quite a few examples! Thank you Elana for writing such a wonderfully helpful book. Here’s a link for anyone who is interested! Free Book Here!
On the other hand, I’ve received a number of books recently, and decided that I was going to do a IMM video instead of just listing all of the names. However, the video will have to wait till tomorrow! *fingers crossed* 

Awe, cute kitty!

Ok, now I’m off to edit! You’ve been waiting for that, huh? I’ll try not to panic! But I make no promises!
Much love,