You only get one shot, do not miss your chance….

Song title courtesy of Eminem 

       So guess where I went today. If you guessed Eminem concert, you were wrong! 🙂 I’m a writer so of course I get excited about writer-y things. Yes, I went to a book signing. Lisa McMann’s book signing to be exact. And you’re never going to believe this but, I went by myself. Have you any idea how nerve-racking that is? Well, let me tell you, Very nerve-racking! I don’t even know why it is, but the fact is, it’s always better when you go with someone else. Safety in numbers or something like that. Anyway, Poisoned Pen was gracious enough to open their doors for all of us reader fans. It was a definitely a little “Shop around the Corner” experience for me. 🙂

Well, what can I say about Lisa? Brilliant, beautiful, and fun! I bet you expected that last word to be a ‘b’ Ha! 🙂 She read a little of her new series to us and I have to say I cant wait for more! I got me a copy of Cryer’s Cross and got a bit of a back story on the characters. Lisa is a sweetheart to the core! I loved the fact that she gets inspirations from her dreams! *high five* And I love how her whole family is there to support her! It was great meeting them as well!

Now, for a bit of surprise there were other authors there as well. I was very excited to meet Aprilynne Pike and her gorgeous baby! Such a sweetie! And check out her book coming out May 3!!

Let’s just say, I was very glad I overcame my fear and actually went! There is just something about meeting others who have made it to where you want to be and have their encouragement and help. I love the writing community! We are definitely a race? breed? crazy alien people? Unique bunch of characters! 🙂 We rock!

       Sweet dreams world! Much love!


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