I am horrible…yes, I am!!!

Alright, no judging. I needed a break from this cyber world for a little. I know I promised you a sneak peak into next book, well, I wont say how long ago because then you’ll remember how truly horrible I really am. But, now that the holidays are over, and I am back full-time to my writing schedule! I will also be coming back to my blogging schedule (and making it better). So today, instead of updating you on all the details of my life I am posting the much awaited, and begged for, sneak peak. Read on!!!


“You don’t understand! Trusting you is harder than jumping out of airplanes!”
“Cali, talk to me.”
“You come into my life, opening doors I’ve closed off. You let me be special in your eyes and then what? This is where we go our separate ways, Gabe.”
“Don’t they say its only worth it if its worth fighting for? Well, this is me fighting! Sometimes when you meet someone its right. Nothing else, just right. Are you really telling me that you’re just letting it go?”
“This is not the time or place to discuss this.” She turned back to her desk keeping her breathing leveled. Why did he have to make it so hard for her? Why couldn’t he understand that she wanted this more than anything, but she knew she couldn’t have it? “We don’t always get what we want, now do we Gabe?”
“I’m not giving up.”
“It’s not really…”
“I am not giving up,” Gabe enounciated every word as if he was speaking to a three year old. Taking a step forward, he leaned in close and whispered, “You’re worth it.” Then, without another word he turned and left the room. Cali stood still letting the words sink in and take root in her heart. No one has ever made her feel special before.
Cali was typing on her computer when she heard the front door open. She was still confused by Gabe and wasn’t exactly looking forward to speaking with him. Frustrated by her own emotions, she shut off her computer and headed for the living room. They needed to talk. Gabe needed to know at least part of the truth, enough to keep him safe. 
She walked into the living room and stopped. There was nobody here. The front door definitely opened and closed while she was in here office, she wasn’t hearing things. 
“Gabe?” she called scanning the room for discrepancies. Nothing seemed to be out of place. The uneasy feeling crept up and stayed. Without making any more noise than necessary, Cali made here way to the family room. Glancing around with precision, she listened. Someone was definitely in the house. Chiding herself silently for agencies rules on guns, she crept to the foyer. She could hear shuffling, whether it was of feet or clothes she couldn’t tell, but it was coming from the kitchen. Getting there would be a problem of being in the open. Trying to figure out the best way of proceeding, she reached down and removed her shoes. Her socked feet wouldn’t be much of a help in a pursuit, but they would keep the creaks to the minimum as she moved across the wooden floor. 


And that is all you get for now! Relationships, mystery, suspense, and craziness are all part of this book! I can’t wait to share the rest with you my dear readers! There is so much more that I could say, but I will stop for now. Or end up writing my whole book in this one post! 
Happy readings everyone!!!
Much love,

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