Fair-wells to 2010….

My dear readers, 
Can you believe it? This is the last Monday of 2010. I cant believe how fast the year has gone by. So much has happened and so much has not. On this last Monday I want to take a journey back to a few happenings of 2010. So read on!
First of all, I started this blog this year. 

I’ve never pictured myself as someone with a blog. Sure, I write. That’s what I do. But at the same time a blog was something weird to me. I want to thank all of my wonderful followers and readers for taking the time to visit with me on my humble “blog-abode.” It means the world to me! 

Second of all, my book was published in 2010. 

I’ve never even imagined that happening! Ever! And yet, here I am, a published author! To all of you who have read my book, I give the biggest thanks! I cannot express how much it means to me to have you hold my words in your hands. 

Third of all, I have met so many wonderful people this year, authors and readers alike. Authors – your support and friendship is the biggest encouragement I could have ever hoped for!

 Readers – you are a blessing to me! I couldn’t do what I do without knowing you will be on the receiving end of things. 

Now, I can go on and on. But I better stop. There might be another post before the end of the week (or two) 🙂 2010 has truly been an amazing year for me and I cannot wait to see what 2011 has in store for me! 
Have a wonderful day!
Much love, 

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