Missing again….and some cute pictures!

Good evening my dear readers. As you have noticed, I have been missing…again. Life, it really gets in the way of things. 🙂
Well, I must say it has been a bit of a crazy 13 days since you’ve seen me last. Between two jobs, fighting this ever present sickness, and trying to write, I’ve been a bit…whats the word….overwhelmed? I’ve also had a few photography jobs lately. Let me tell you, I’ve missed those! I forget how much a part of me photography really is when the world spins in chaos around me. But I found a few precious moments to get back to one of my favorite activities and took some pictures. Would you like to see? Oh stop begging, you know I’m going to show you some!

  Isn’t he the most adorable baby ever??? He’s 9 months old and such a perfect model. Didn’t cry a bit! I was a complete stranger to him and yet, look at that big smile.
  I had another photo session today, this time a family who is dear to my heart. I will be posting pictures a bit later. They get them first, people! 🙂
  Also, a bit of exciting news! Well, exciting for me. My best friend is home for a few weeks!!! I’m actually quite deliriously happy about that particular fact. This weekend we went to see the Star of Wonder put on by Phoenix First Assembly and it was amazing! Especially the fact that I had the privilege of sharing the evening with her! I’m thinking of putting her in a box and keeping her here so she cant go back to school. What do you say? 🙂
  Well, duty calls. Must go finish a few things up before I can call this day officially over! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas week! By the way, anyone watching the Lunar Eclipse tonight? 
  Happy readings and sweet dreams!
  Much love, 

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