Surprises…and a story about a girl

How many of you out there love surprises? I have met a few people who cannot stand anything going out of comfort zone and therefore are terrified of surprises. While not all surprises are good, they are all thrilling and unexpected. There is just something about having your mind blown. That unanticipated rush of adrenaline because you’re whole head is spinning in circles. 
Now, aren’t you all curious to see what I’m talking about? Well, I own a MacBook! Surprise! Last entry here I was so excited that beta version of Scrivener was finally in the process of development, and now I don’t have to wait. Some amazing individuals (who will remain unnamed for the purpose of protecting their constitutional rights) decided to help me out and purchased for me my very own MacBook. Granted, this particular purchase will be paid for in full by hard work and perseverance. But in the meantime, I get to kick butt and use the best programs to get my life together. 
Why yes, before you ask, it has been a bit hectic. My life, that is. Last night was  perfect example of how some surprised can be not so pleasant. 
It is 10:22 p.m. The house is quiet and settled for the night. A lovely (har, har) girl is sitting on the couch with a single light from her laptop eliminating the night. Suddenly, the night is pierced by mind shattering screeches coming from what seemed to be everywhere. The fire alarms were bursting! The girl jumps up and runs to make sure nothing is burning. The noise is overpowering. She struggles to concentrate while finding nothing amiss. Finally reaching for her phone, she dials a number. Getting precise instructions, she follows them to the letter and the noise stops. The night is quiet and peaceful again. The house is checked and rechecked. All seems to be alright. The girl sighs in relief. She makes her way to her bedroom and collapses in bed a little after midnight. Sleep comes swiftly as she is exhausted by the noise and labor. Alas, dreams come. She hears a cry for help, the screeching follows her into the dreamland. But no, it is not a dream. She awakens with a start as the noise once more fills her house. She grabs the ladder and proceeds in completing the tasks one more time. This time, she shuts the system off without turning it back on. It is now 3:12 a.m. Five o’clock will be here sooner than it should. She sleeps, if only for a moment. 
In case anyone is wondering, that was me last night. I am pretty much exhausted today but life goes on. No time for naps today. So instead of taking a break and sleeping, I’m taking a break and posting this blog. Enjoy it, my dear readers, and laugh on my behalf. 🙂 
In other news, I have read the three books previously mentioned and loved them all. Posted a review for Matched, but still working on the other two. If you are interested in my book review blog:

Right now, I am finishing up my various book collection of Nora Roberts. Western Skies collection is by far one of my favorites. If you have read a book by her, let me know which one is your favorite. 
Well, I’m off to do come more digging in the rehabilitation system of the United States. Happy reading everyone!
Much love,

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