Birthdays, Breast Cancer, and Baby Brothers

            October 19th!!!! I’m so excited for today’s Book Birthdays! Happy release day to Becca Fitzpatrick’s “Crescendo” and Andrea Cremer’s “Nightshade.”
            I just had to get that in, my apologies! Seriously though, the YA world is getting better and better. They should get all the recognition they can!
            Alright, now what have I been up to? Work, work, oh, and did I mention work? I have been missing my writing so much, and of course you my darling readers.
            So, let’s see. My baby brother, who is in the Marines and stationed in Hawaii, came home to surprise my parents. I was his ride from the airport, and when we got home my parents were out shopping. After they came home, I helped them put groceries away before letting them come into the house and see my brother. He was lying on the couch watching television. My mom’s reaction was priceless. There was screaming, dropping of bags, and lots of hugging. Needless to say, I’m awesome!
            Now, you all know its October, which means its Breast Cancer Awareness month. So many are fortunate not to experience sickness such as this, and yet we are all touched by it. I encourage everyone to give back when they can. This world would be nothing without kindness. By supporting a charity, you become a friend to someone who needs one. Here are some of the ways I’ve done so this week. 

Yoplait offers 10 cents per lids sent in. Villige Inn is having special pies, and since we had company, we bought one that supports BC.
            I would love to hear some of the ways you like to show your support. It doesn’t even have to be BC but if you’re part of a charity or an organization, let me know!

            Well, I must go write some more! Happy reading everyone!!!

Much love,

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