Winners! Winners all around! :)

            I know, I know, I was supposed to have this posted yesterday. Sorry darlings, it’s been a crazy week! But I am so excited to finally announce the winners! I can’t wait for you, my dear winners to read “Simplicity”! Ok, now on to the good part. Using I have selected two winners. Drum roll please!
            Winner #1
                        Wanda (Sinfully Tasty Reads)
            Winner #2
                        Sophia Lee
            Congratulation ladies!!! I sent the emails out, and you have 48 hours to reply!
            I wanted to thank all of my new followers for your interest in my book! Keep reading my blog, and don’t worry, there will be more contests coming up!
            Happy reading everyone!
            Much love,

2 thoughts on “Winners! Winners all around! :)

  1. I'm so excited!! Ty for the opportunity!! Can't wait to read it =)


  2. I don't think my last comment went through LOL

    But anyway, I am bummed I missed this giveaway. Just found you on Twitter through other author friends and saw that you are too an Arizonian. Yippee!!!!


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