Journey Day 4

Four days ago I decided that I would finish my sequel in a month. Four days later, I can see how it can actually happen. Today my goal is to write 9000 words! I have never measured my writing by the amount of words I write per day so this is something new. However, I have noticed how often we, as people in general, forget to set goals for ourselves. Many go through life without any milestones to celebrate. I have decided that by week three I will have written 90% of my book and I will celebrate! Right before diving in and finishing the last 10% of course.

I love everything about writing. There seems to be that pull when you sit down in front of your computer or notebook and start to write. Its amazing how much that world becomes your own. Day two, I was naming my characters and I just realized that I was naming my kids! These characters grow up and develop because of my care and guidance. Its just like raising children! Granted, sometimes you wish your children would listen to you the way your characters do, but in the end you are the one leading them to a better life. I’m still amazed everyday that I have the privilege to write. English is my second language and it astonishes me how much I have grown as a writer. Large part of that goes to all the wonderful authors I have read. Big thumbs up to all those that are willing to share their words with the world and use the privilege given to them.

So, this is day four. Today, I write my character story sketches and snapshots. I’m taking those steps and in 26 days, I will have that manuscript completed! A dream is always worth pursuing.

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