Yes, my dear readers, the time has come! I have my first official book signing in two weeks!!! Sunday, June 6 at Borders on 10100 W. McDowell Rd. Avondale, AZ at 2pm. Those of you who have friends in Arizona please let them know!
            I am so excited, and also quite terrified. Maybe a bit overwhelmed as well. I’m also very much amazed at the whole concept. Never in my wildest dreams have I ever actually imagined myself having a book signing. I never even thought I would get published! But here I am, 13 days away from my very own book signing event. Every time I say that, book signing, I get chills. There is so much work to be done in the next two weeks. I want this to be the best experience not only for myself, but also for all my readers. Borders is doing a lot of the press release and advertising, however, I am doing a lot of my own. I’m also planning a few “goodies” for all the people coming out to support me. I really have nothing else to say today. My brain is completely filled with ideas and amazement. James Broughton once said, “Amazement awaits us at every corner.” Well, today I turned a corner. I hope you find one of your own!

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