Greetings from California…

So I’ve been here for three days and its been a blast! Day one was mostly driving. We started out having troubles with the rental and ipod car system. Once on the road we flew! We stopped on the way at an outlet mall and spent some money there. I have to say I’m completely in love with road trips! Especially the ones you take with your best friend. 🙂 I have started taping daily blogs from this trip and I will be posting those after some editing. The videos are something new for me so we’ll see how well that’s going to work. I’ll be posting a link to my youtube channel once its up and running.
Day two was Venice Beach. We drove out there and spent the day walking around. I love being outside. Often we forget that there is a whole world out there. Just walking down the beach, feeling the sun against my skin with the smell of the ocean all around, was the best kind of therapy you can get sometimes. With life spinning around us in full disarray, little things become huge, but when we take a moment to appreciate the beauty around us, the world makes sense again. I challenge you to take the time to appreciate the beauty.

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