Earth laughs in flowers…

Today’s been one of those days. You know days when you have accomplished so much and yet you feel as if you completed nothing. Well, it’s been one of those days. I started out with a good day at work, finishing everything on my to-do list before heading for home. On the way, I stopped to speak with Borders representative and made an appointment for tomorrow. Once I got home, I spent two hours outside pulling weeds in the beautiful but windy Arizona weather. Afterwards, I ran errands, found the perfect sunglasses, updated my lists, and worked on my book. Yet, as of right now I have accomplished nothing. How weird is that? I also looked up my next class assignment and let me tell you, the book is expensive and the assignment is hard. Oh, and I have three days to buy the book and finish the required assignments. Hmmm, tough.
However, none of those things will keep me down. Life is like that; hard, demanding, and sometimes frustrating. Those are all the emotions I am experiencing right now. But the sun was shining today, which granted is not a phenomenon in Arizona, with a breeze that cooled you down perfectly. I enjoyed spending a few hours cleaning up our backyard and enjoying the wonderful nature around me. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Earth laughs in flowers…” What a beautiful concept! We have rose bushes in the backyard that are in full bloom right now. While I was outside, I watched them fluttering in the wind while I worked on the grass. Such perfection in color and texture. We have an amazing Artist looking out for us, and giving us the precise pleasures we need. I am not a big fan of hot weather, but I am a big fan of outdoors. And today was a perfect opportunity for me to enjoy myself outside. If that is not a small, simple pleasure, I don’t know what is.

2 thoughts on “Earth laughs in flowers…

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