Chapter 1…preview

The meeting was running late. So much to do
and I was stuck listening to some guy talk about
pointless things. The room was long with an oval table
in the center. Most of the company’s heads were
present and listening to well-dressed man babble
about naught. If there was a point to his presentation,
I wouldn’t have minded. But this Mr. whatever-hisname-
is really knew nothing about his topic. I
glanced to my left and was met by a bored stare. My
coworker and friend, Lanie Peterson, was feeling exactly
the same. She made a face at me and rolled her
eyes. I suppressed a smile before turning around to
watch the presentation.
This was an unusual meeting. The president of
the company was actually present. It is usually I who
handles all of these meetings, but today Mr. Howard
decided to sit in. Now, as I looked at him I could tell
this would not become a habit. “Thank you for your
time,” brought me out of my daze. The meeting adjourned.
“Sinclair! I want to see you in my office now!”
Mr. Howard commanded moving past me.
“Oh, sounds serious,” Lanie whispered, “Good

Here are the first two paragraphs of my book! Hope everyone enjoys this tiny sneak preview. Keep checking back for more!!! Thanks everybody!

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