The list can go on and on forever. The smallest things that make life worth living. Simple things. Those are the real reasons why this world keeps turning. God gives us exactly what we need, when we need it. But the true beauty of a soul is the ability to love the simple things in life. To appreciate the small parts of the big picture. To see love and appreciate those details people take for granted. So often the world spins around us without us stopping to enjoy it.
Everyday we ought to stop and appreciate the beauty that God placed all around us. Everyday we should thank Him for the wonderful blessings He gives us. Everyday we should be grateful to Him for the simple things in life.

(This is the second part of the Simplicity post. Sorry I forgat to finish it earlier)

3 thoughts on “Life…

  1. Thanks for your comment 🙂 You seem really deep, I'd be interested in looking at your book. I'm a follower from now on! 😀


  2. Hello, I'm your new follower. I agree we all need to stop, look around to see all the beauty in this world we take for granted. I came here looking for your first published book…maybe it's on your other site? Anyway, I hope you stop by my blog and start following me too? Thanks. I'll be posting again.


  3. Uh oh, I see it now. “Simplicity”. Okay let me go see what it's about and Congratulations on your first publication!


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