So pure. So clean. A Father’s love. The Lord Almighty. A small butterfly fluttering in the wind. A quiet brook running over smooth rocks. The leaves whispering secrets in the breeze. The clouds making castles in the sky. The warm sand covering your toes. The smile of a friend. The smile of a stranger. The quick hug in a middle of a crisis. A mother brushing her daughter’s hair. A father throwing a football to his son. A grandfather holding his grandchild for the first time. The sound of the ocean. The smell after the rain. The first kiss as husband and wife. Holding hands. First steps. Sunset. Sunrise. Ice cream. Chocolate. Strawberries. Stars. Soft grass. Comfortable bed. Hot chocolate. Coffee. Favorite perfume. Snow.

The first meet. The first kiss. Soft music playing in the background.

Life. Love. Laughter. Peace. Joy. Hope. Tenderness. Beauty. Kindness. Compassion. Warmth. Thoughtfulness. Helpfulness. Gentleness. Energy. Excitement. Animation. Sparkle. Soul. Friendship. Marriage. Family