The Fae Chronicles

Shadow of the Fae (The Fae Chronicles #1)

If I’m found, my life is over.

I was ready for a quiet and normal senior year. But then, I read something I wasn’t supposed to and now every illusion I had about my magic is shattered. 

Something in my blood allows me to read spells thought to be lost long ago. It’s a power the courts of Faery will fight over…with me as collateral damage.  

My two-part plan: Stay hidden. Stay alive. 

Which is how I end up playing bounty hunter to magical items while living in Phoenix, Arizona. 

When the breathtakingly beautiful and arrogant Fae prince finds me, I’m prepared for him to drag me kicking and screaming back to the Faery Realm. 

He doesn’t. He decides to help. Or so he claims…

Gorgeous and deadly. A dangerous combination. And my only chance at survival. 

If I don’t outwit the fae and learn to control my magic, I will lose my life. And all those I love will perish with me. 

Featuring a fierce heroine, a broody prince, and all things magical, Shadow of the Fae is the first book in this fast-paced young adult paranormal romance series from the USA Today bestselling author Valia Lind!

***The Fae Chronicles is set within the world of Hawthorne, and while some small areas intersect, it’s not necessary to read that series first to enjoy this one.

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