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Awesome Book Deal for you!!!

Hello lovelies, So, you know how I wrote this book called Simplicity? Well, my publisher is offering a special two day deal! Get a kindle copy for only .99 cents!!! Amazon – & Noble –’d love for you to get a copy and let me know what you think! There are some great reviews on Goodreads and Amazon, in case you were wondering about it. Also, … Read More Awesome Book Deal for you!!!

Blog Tour Recap (in other words, lots of babbling)

So, I really can’t believe that it’s been ten days already. All this planning, all the interviews and post and baam! Its over!  It was actually a bit weird seeing all this stuff about me and my book on the web. (That sounds funny). The ladies did a fabulous job, and I can’t be more thankful for them! I’m not sure what I wanted … Read More Blog Tour Recap (in other words, lots of babbling)

Happy (2nd) Birthday Simplicity!!!!!

Hello lovelies,Can you believe it? It’s that time again!!! No, not Christmas, sheesh. Oh, wait, come back don’t leave! Even though its not Christmas it’s still a day of celebration!!! Simplicity (the new and revamped version) is out in the world today!  Serious EXCITEMENT!!!  You guys probably think I’m nuts, and that’s okay with me. The thing is, which I’ve said before, Simplicity is … Read More Happy (2nd) Birthday Simplicity!!!!!

In My Mailbox #36: The One with the Special Surprise!

Hello darlings!You guess it, it’s time for In My Mailbox! “I’m super excited!” I don’t even realize how often I say that!Hope you enjoy! 😉 Special thanks to: Hyperion publishing  Totally forgot! I received some swag from the awesome Bethany Griffin! Thanks! 🙂 What’s in your mailbox? Happy reading, Valia

Super Special Cover Reveal for Simplicity!!!

Hello lovelies, Did you see that title? Did you? You know what that means right? It means my first book Simplicity has a new face, new clothes, new whatever you’d like to call it and I LOVE it!!! A bunch of wonderful bloggers/friends are also hosting the cover on their blog and I want to publicly thank them for being so AMAZING! Now, would you like … Read More Super Special Cover Reveal for Simplicity!!!