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Announcements & Giveaways & Things

Hello lovelies, How are we doing this fine Monday morning? Yes, I know. I’m way too chipper. I’ve been drinking me some coffee, okay? Anyways. Let’s talk about books! A lot of you have been asking me “Valia, will you ever actually write Titanium #3 or is that it?” Goodness people, I would never just leave you hanging like that! Of course there’ll be … Read More Announcements & Giveaways & Things



Hello lovelies, That’s right. You read that right. It says FREE books. First of all, FALLING BY DESIGN is free on all platforms right now. Amazon: Barnes & Noble: Smashwords: I’m not sure how long it’ll last, but if you do end up getting it, I’d LOVE for you to leave a review. Reviews HELP us authors survive and thrive. We … Read More FREE BOOKS!!!!

Special Surprise Just for YOU!!!!

   Hello lovelies,    I have some special things for you. Are you excited? Because I’m excited to share them!    First of all, I hope you all are following the blog tour put on by the amazing Amanda over at Good Choice Reading. There is a GIVEAWAY going on for $25 Amazon Gift Card and all you have to be is a follower. … Read More Special Surprise Just for YOU!!!!