Marked by Fae

They say nothing bad has ever come from reading a book. I guess it depends on the book…

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Thunderbird Academy is the perfect place for me. Brilliant academically and extraordinary magically, it’s where I need to be in order to earn my place on the Council as a Watcher.

Yet, before I know it, I’m thrust into a magical war I want no part in. My magic holds a key to Ancient spells and when I discover a book that unlocks powers within me that can make or break all of Faery, things just get worse.

Hunted by all of Faery, I have no choice but go into hiding.

With time running out, I hope my luck changes because more than anything, I want to stay alive.

Learn how Avery discovered her unimaginable powers in this thrilling prequel novella to The Fae Chronicles, full of magic and adventure.

Thunderbird Academy and the Faery realm await.