IMM #4

I got a scary face!!!! HAHA!
Excuse my use of the word Awesome in this video! It was just….awesome! 🙂
What’s in your mailbox???
Happy reading,

8 Comments on “IMM #4

  1. Hi i'm a new follower :).

    You got some great books this week !
    I really want to read the girl in the steel corset ! I discovered steampunk a few months ago and I love this genre now !

    Happy reading !


  2. I need to pick up Behemoth, I really enjoyed Leviathan. My biggest advice going in is to adjust your perceptions of it. It's almost more middle grade, it reads really youngish, and when I started it I was so startled and unprepared for that that I actually had to put it down. But once I'd adjusted and picked it back up, I ended up loving it.


  3. Congrats on your loot this week! I still have to read my ARCs of ONCE A WITCH and STEEL CORSET. Amy Holder is coming to sign near me soon! Yay 🙂 Must read LIPSTICK LAWS ASAP…

    Congrats on your ereader! I mostly use mine for netgalley and ebooks as well!


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