Unrecognized gift…

So my computer is on a weird frenzy. Nothing was working so I shut it off. This blog is officially written and posted via my iPod. I knew this would come in handy. 
Today was a good day! Busy, tiring, frustrating, but good. The reason being simply that I was here to enjoy it. Sometimes we forget the fact that every day is a gift from above. No matter how trying or difficult the day is, we are given it as a gift. One of my favorite songs begins with “My best friend gave me the best advice. He said each day’s a gift and not a given right.” If we would only remember that, we would smile more often. And we all know how I feel about smiling 🙂
It is unbelievable how fast time really flies. It seems yesterday my countdown was at 50 days and now I’m down to 7! Proves my point exactly. If you were gone tomorrow an you looked back over today, was this day worth it? Did you touch anyones life today? Did you make a difference? If today was the only day you couldve given someone, would they remember you? Even in the darkest moments of our lives, we can be a shining light in somebody elses! To quote someone wise, “When a kind heart comes smiling, an angel is never far behind.” May you be somebodys angel tomorrow. 

3 thoughts on “Unrecognized gift…

  1. I'm guessing this is the countdown to your book?


  2. I found your blog through a friend of mine – Tracy – I think I'll stop back by. Have a great day!


  3. mentioned your blog in mine.. 😀 😀

    hope it helps divert traffic!


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